Reliable - we use high end, enterprise level hardware in our servers
Scalable - is available a wide choice of options to configuring
Affordable - and all this at reasonable prices

Privacy Policy

Virtual Commnication Ltd. respects your individual privacy. We strongly believe in individual's rights to privacy and that personal information is not a commodity and should not be treated as one. At all times we will never share your personal information with any third parties without your permission.

Your email addresses are not for sale or trade and are strictly guarded. Our Acceptable Usage Policy prohibits our customers from sending unsolicited bulk commercial email (aka "spam") using our services. If it is brought to our attention that one of our customers is violating this policy, we take steps to stop them and ensure it doesn't happen again. We also do everything within our power to keep non-customers from using our email servers for spam.

All client information such as email, phone numbers, addresses, etc is used only for internal purposes. This contact information is used to get in touch with you when necessary and for announcements and our monthly newsletter. Financial information that is collected is used to bill you for products and services.

Cookie Policy Statement

Virtual Commnication Ltd. understands that many of you are concerned about cookies. We provide this Cookie Policy Statement to let you know how we use this technology. Virtual Commnication Ltd. uses cookies to help us improve our website and web hosting services, and, most importantly, provide our existing customers with the opportunity for continued savings and increased convenience.

Cookies For Improving Our Web Site

Virtual Commnication Ltd. uses cookies to inform us of a repeat visit. The cookie does not tell us who you are, your name, email address, or Passwords.

Cookies For Banner Rewards Program

To offer our customers continued savings, Virtual Commnication Ltd. uses cookies to help monitor the traffic generated from Virtual Commnication Ltd. banners and logo buttons displayed on our customers' websites. For every new Virtual Commnication Ltd. customer that was introduced to Virtual Commnication Ltd. through a customer's website, our client receives a credited discount!

Cookies For Customer Account Management

For our customers, Virtual Commnication Ltd. uses cookies to store user names for added convenience to the Webmaster. As part of our web hosting package, Virtual Commnication Ltd. offers password-protected web-based management tools. By storing the customers' Usernames in a cookie, the Webmaster will not have to keep filling out form fields when they desire to manage their account. (The cookie does not store passwords.) Virtual Commnication Ltd. is dedicated to using the newest technologies in order to simplify our customers' lives.