Reliable - we use high end, enterprise level hardware in our servers
Scalable - is available a wide choice of options to configuring
Affordable - and all this at reasonable prices

Company Overview

VirtComm Hosting has been providing web hosting services to businesses worldwide We are dynamically growing provider of quality affordable hosting solutions. We're a small company, but we don't accept investment money. We're profitable.

All our servers are connected to multiple, high speed, independent, major Internet backbones and come with 24x7 server monitoring. We cooperate with world's major backbones (Level-3 GlobalCrossing, AboweNet, Teleglobe and others).

We understand our customers needs. We understand that every client expect good support. Every message is responded as fast as possible, with a friendly, helpful, and completely honest answer. Sometimes a server does go down, and we let our customers know when it happens. We'll also let them know if a cheaper plan better fits their needs, or what sort of software we personally use for whatever they're trying to implement. We constantly try to treat everyone as a friend in need (indeed!).

Don't wait and start your business with VirtComm Hosting today!